Graduation Show: Master Programme Photography


Really Real

29 June – 2 July



Sheng Wen Lo (TW), Nikos Kostopoulos (GR), Lavinia Xausa (IT), Matija Pekić (HR), Lou Muuse (NL), Katarina Jazbec (SI), Martijn van Mierlo (NL), Ruben Üvez (NL), and Anne Lucassen (NL). 

Really Real: From Ford Transit to Fake News* 

In the media culture of our digital age, the distinction between ‘real’ and ‘unreal’ is becoming increasingly diffuse. This blurring manifests itself in many ways, which implies that distinguishing between concepts such as authenticity/artificiality, truth/falsity, and credibility/implausibility can be interpreted differently according to the context of their use. At a socio-political level, there is an increasing entanglement of ‘true’ and ‘false’, which is understood as an undesirable side effect of large-scale globalisation and digitisation on society. At a cultural level, however, the deliberate exchange of ‘fact’ and ‘fiction’ can be sought to provide a critical and pro-active response to this type of adverse influences on society.


Whether desired or not, both antipodes impact on a crucial debate of our epoch: how can we manage this abundant and invasive flow of information? Lens-based media, such as photography and film, are ideally suited for understanding imaging processes in society because of the unique link between the creator (supposedly subjective) and their lens (ostensibly objective). Using documentary as its departure point for critical reflection, the research this postgraduate degree requires takes such processes to high altitudes. And this is what this year’s student cohort has convincingly taken into account, with surprisingly diverse outcomes. From projects about self-generated verification models, apps, and virtual reality documentaries, or addressing the reliability of personal memories and historical surrender in cinematic and performative settings, to the active use of literary fiction to better understand the malleability of reality. 

*A reference to the Hany Abu Asad’s 2003 documentary Ford Transit – acclaimed when first released, then subsequently criticised for staging incidents, and is now considered a docudrama – which is used here to reflect president Donald Trump’s battle with reality and the truth.



Join us for the celebration of the graduation show on Thursday evening 29 June at Roodkapje, a venue only 5min away from Rotterdam Central Station from 18:00 to 22:00. Make sure you’ll be there and we will take care of the rest.


Thursday June 29: 17:00 - 22:00

Friday June 30: 12:00​ -​17:00

Saturday and Sunday July 1 - 2: 12:00 -​ 20:00


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