Open Studio's 2017


Master Fine Arts (1st year)

Open studios 2017 Master of Fine Art
1-5 July 2017

Peng Zhang, Cindy Bakker, Jake Yoo, Ektor Ntourakos, Susan El Jarie, Ami Tsjang, Nicola Kirkaldy

This diverse group of artists has been washed upon a platform where, the variety of cultural backgrounds merges and encourages dialogue. During the open studios, a reflection on this dialogue will be exposed through their individual artistic process and mindedness.

Opening Thursday 29 June 17.00-19.00

Saturday 11.00-18.00
Sunday 11.00-18.00
Monday 11.00-21.00
Tuesday 11.00-18.00
Wednesday 11.00-18.00

Onderwijsboulevard 256,
5223 DJ ‘s-Hertogenbosch

free entrance


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