Hussel Zoo Zhu

0, China

Enrolled in Visual Arts in 2019

Study and work experience

I grew up in a secluded village in a rural area of Shanghai, which have stayed detached
from the modern and cosmopolitan city center for many years.
After obtaining a bachelor(BA) of New Media Art: Photography from Shanghai Institute
of Visual Arts, I have worked in artist circle by coincidence for a few years. Considering
the unsophisticated social context I have experienced (which framed my initial
understanding of the world), it seems unthinkable to choose studying in art, or to end
up working at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel (an artist residency programme located in the
Bund, Shanghai).
The shackles of this social context separation had made me suffer from a ‘cognitive
dissonance’, I think it can be called the ‘jet-lag’.

Research question

Nowadays, people, and any object, can be adapted or transferred to any situation easier
and within a short time. This exchange, caused by globalization and media explosion, is
somehow like an unnoticeable bug inserted in a program, and it makes us feel in
disorder at a given moment. If we, or an object, are like an USB stick carrying exclusive
information and every single place is a huge database, what does the exchange,
physically or psychologically, mean? People experiencing different levels of ‘jet lag’,
how do they feel like? Where does it come from? On the other hand, things change but
it feels the same.
I wish to research all these aspects on identity displacement within my work. I am
insterested in the objects that could be described as abnormal, meaningless, popular or
exotic, and that can be found at unexpected or daily-life contexts. I am particularly
interested in these side products, closer to the so-called pop culture, that meet our
spiritual needs; through my artwork, I intend to unravel what these objects can say
about cultural unconscious habits and trends.I wish to research all these aspects on
identity displacement within my work.