Yannan Pan

1996, China

Enrolled in Visual Arts in 2019

Study and work experience

Sep 15 – Jun 19 National Taiwan Normal University
Bachelor degree ,major in painting, Department of Fine Arts
2019 Jinglu Art Gallery – solo photography exhibition Head Off
2019 National Taiwan Normal University - Graduation Exhibition, photography
2019 Wonder Foto Day Taipei International Photography Exchange Exhibition

Research question

Photography to me, is not just a tool, but more of an art form. I expect to explore an
way of voicing and criticizing through photography, transforming it into my own
language, so that I could draw the attention of public to ongoing social issues and
societal situation. I focus on identity issues, social issues, and the relationship between
the government and the education system with the people. I consider society criticizing
is due duty of artists, that not only describing past events, also contemplating on them,
provoking the progress of society.
My website: https://panyannan1123.wixsite.com/kunst