Annemarie Quispel

1967, The Netherlands

Started teaching in Situated Design in 2012


Annemarie Quispel studied linguistics at Tilburg University and Graphic Design at AKV|St.Joost. She was awarded her PhD in 2016 with a thesis on visual communication.  

This PhD research is focused on the way designers and laymen in design understand and appreciate visual information. Much attention is paid to aesthetics and the interplay between aesthetic preferences and perceptions of usability.

At the Master Institute of Visual Cultures, she teaches design theory and research Skills. She’s also experienced in quality insurance and policy in professional arts education in the Netherlands. Further areas of expertise are information design, writing and editing, and research. 


Annemarie believes a design should be developed with profound knowledge of its intended users and user context. In her classes she focuses specifically on facets in ‘ethnographic’ research methods. She also conveys a link between the professional design practice and scientific insights, e.g. for example behavioral and cognitive sciences.  
Exhibitions & Bibliography 

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