Annemarie Quispel

1967, The Netherlands

Started teaching in Situated Design in 2010

Education and Work Experience

Annemarie Quispel studied linguistics at Tilburg University and graphic design at AKV|St.Joost, and received her PhD with a thesis on visual communication. Her work experience includes communication advice, copywriting, management, policy advice, teaching and research.  

At AKV|St.Joost Quispel teaches in the Master’s programmes, supports the research activities of the Expertise Centre for Art and Design, and gives policy advice. Her areas of expertise are writing, editing, teaching, research and information design.

Vision of Postgraduate Education

I believe it is essential that a design is understood and appreciated by its intended users or audience. Therefore, in my lessons Research Skills and Graphic Design Theory, I focus on communication and usability. The emphasis is on the importance of involving potential users and their needs and preferences in the design process, on ways to evaluate designs, and on how to communicate design choices and propositions to various audiences.