Philippine Hoegen

1970, Belgium

Started teaching in Master Institute of Visual Cultures in 2020

Philippine Hoegen

Philippine Hoegen is a visual artist living in Brussels. In her multi-stranded, predominantly performative practice, she explores the ways in which we continuously create versions of ourselves, the apparatuses and processes we use for this and what that means for our understanding of what a 'self' is. In her work, performance is explicitly approached and activated as a research strategy: a way of thinking in which the physical is involved.


She studied at the KABK in The Hague, the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam and a.pass in Brussels. She is now a researcher at CARADT, Avans University, teaches at MIVC and AKV St Joost, Den Bosch/Breda and is regularly mentoring at a-pass, Brussels.


She recently launched her new publication Another Version, Thinking Through Performance, published by Onomatopee, at Beursschouwburg / Bâtard Festival, Brussels (2020); she performed the solo performance Ventriloquists III and discussed her research project The Self as a Relational Infrastructure in Process at the conference DIS_SEMINAR (Art ≈ Research) Amsterdam, in the exhibition Unfinished Business at Sattelkammer, Bern (2019), at the Plymouth University (SAR conference) and at U-Twente (Narrative Matters conference (2018); Being as Becoming was a residency/exhibition and joint research project at Onomatopee, Eindhoven, and Crossed Wires is film about the Brussels art world, commissioned by Art Brussels (2018).