Rosie Heinrich

1981, United Kingdom

Started working at Master Institute of Visual Cultures in 2017

Rosie Heinrich (UK born, Amsterdam based) uses audio material from recorded conversations as a medium to explore the constructs of self-storytelling, belief, reality, and (spoken or wordless) language. Unpacking forms of narration, these methods result in audio and video works, performances, artist books, photographs, and installations.
Exhibitions & Bibliography 

Heinrich is currently a fellow of THIRD Cycle Research Group at the DAS Graduate School. She received her Master in Fine Arts at the Dutch Art Institute, where she was also member of the research collective APRC. Her works have been shown, among others, at Kunsthuis SYB Triennial (Beetsterzwaag), Cycle Music and Art Festival (Kópavogur, IS), puntWG (Amsterdam), A Tale of a Tub (Rotterdam), Art Rotterdam, and Veem House for Performance (Amsterdam). During 2015–2016 she was artist in resident for nine months at SÍM, The Association for Icelandic Visual Artists, in Reykjavík and on location. Here she began her long-term, multidisciplinary project centred around the Icelandic Crash: We always need heroes. Coinciding with the ten-year anniversary of the Crash, her artist book of the same title was published by Fw:Books in September 2018 and awarded De Best Verzorgde Boeken 2018 – exhibition at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, autumn 2019.



Fw:Books_We always need heroes