Floating Frames - Graduation Show MA Graphic Design

Floating Frames


MA Graphic Design Graduation Show 2018

"Floating Frames" showcases the projects of an international group of students, graduates from AKV|St.Joost's Graphic Design department: a melting pot of diverse backgrounds, active practices with different perceptions, fields of interests and expertise. In this exhibition borders have been shifted, boundaries have been overcome and actions have evolved in order to depict process-based approaches to design.

Floating Frames" is where performative autonomy, transformative experiences and interdisciplinarity have come together to shape a broad spectrum of design contexts, ranging from video art to editorial design, programming and virtual reality (to name a few). It can be interpreted as a reflection on a reality where media have become a tool to empower the self-driven approaches within this particular, ever-changing, design realm.

THU 28/06  18:00–22:00

Opening times
THU 28/06  18:00–22:00
FRI 29/06  11:00–20:00
SAT 30/06  11:00–22:00
SUN 01/07  11:00–20:00
MON 02/07  11:00–18:00

Tramkade 24
5211VB 's‑Hertogenbosch

Sara Bagheri
Giulia Bardelli
Tiemen de Blanken
Ada Favaron
Stefan Christian Hoja
Hana Jira
Stanley Obobogo
​Ornella Sanfilippo

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Design by Giulia Bardelli, Ada Favaron
Pictures by Cindy Bakker, Daleen Bloemers, Dorien Scheltens, Rik Schutte