Sander Wezenbeek
Sander Wezenbeek
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Sarah Podestani
Sarah Podestani
Eric Patel
Eric Patel

Master Institute of Visual Cultures

Practice-led interdisciplinary research pathways in Art | Media | Design
Visual Arts and Post-Contemporary Practice • Ecology Futures
Situated Design • Animation

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The Master Institute encourages and supports students in their research and learning trajectories. We encourage a learning that transforms frames of reference -sets of fixed assumptions and expectations- to make students more inclusive, open, reflective, and emotionally able to change. The interdisciplinary is encouraged in the programme. Growth and discovery often happens when different practices and types of knowledge challenge us. Our learning community is intercultural; students from different backgrounds bring different perspectives on political and artistic positions. We embrace plurality. The Institute offers a lively environment for research in the specific fields of the programmes and in research groups initiated by tutors and research professors. Self-steering and self-organization are key. We are committed to allow students to grow into professionals that are able to shape their practice intentionally, strategically and ethically.

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The Master Institute

The Master Institute is located in the south of the Netherlands in the city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Situated in the heart of Europe and European art and design, the institute offers a broad perspective on theory and practice and allows for a lively international exchange. Our modern, 24/7 facilities and open studio concept create a fertile environment in which a rich, multidisciplinary practice can grow.


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