Graphic Design Workshop from Studio Dumbar


Graphic Design Workshop from Studio Dumbar

Since some time now, we have had the privileged to welcome Liza Enebeis, creative director from Studio Dumbar to organize a special workshop for our first year students from the Graphic Design department. Studio Dumbar is an international agency with a strong Dutch heritage. Which makes perfect sense in relation to the identity of AKV|St.Joost Master Programmes.

Last year Liza challenged the students to warm up their muscles with her already legendary Logo Gym workshop. This year she dared the first year’s to create an identity that expresses their selves during the Type Cast Workshop.

Beforehand the students received the assignment in which Liza explained that every day we receive millions of visual stimuli. In order for us to absorb so much information - we create categories, and make quick conclusions to what we see to enable us to digest all the information we receive. As designers we are always looking for alternative images / typography / a graphic language to make sure that what we design stands out from the mass of information. We strive to create unique identities for the medium we are designing. But what about ourselves? Have you been categorized? Are you the blonde? Or just the alternative art student - have you been pigeon holed in less than 3 seconds?

It became a great day of fun and hard work, which shed light on the possibilities of graphic design when thinking out of the box. And also left us with some amazing self-made outfits that totally expressed our own vision and identity.