Just Practice! Klaar van der Lippe & Bart Stuart @Club SOLO


Artistic Agency: a join-in conversation

A join-in conversation by Klaar van der Lippe, Bart Stuart, Erik Hagoort,

Sebastian Olma, MFA AKV|St.Joost students, and you.


Thursday, October 5

3-5 pm

Club Solo, Kloosterlaan 138, Breda
How do artists work with given conditions? How can we use our circumstances to gain traction in our artistic practice? A join-in conversation on Artistic Agency, or how to start where you are, with what you've got.

The term agency experiences a certain renaissance within the art world. Several artists refer to themselves as 'agents' or even 'agencies'. 'Artistic Agency' is also at the core of the programme of the new Master Institute of AKV|St. Joost in Den Bosch.

Where does the recent popularity of the term come from? Agency in general refers to the capacity of humans to act within given circumstances. By applying the word agency to themselves, artists point to their capacity to act not only within circumstances but also thanks to circumstances.

How does agency relate to the much contested term autonomy? Autonomy suggests that as an artist one can set one's own rules regardless of circumstances. Agency takes into account that to act as an artist is to make things happen within and with a given situation.

Let's gather in the exhibition JUST PRACTICE! by Klaar van der Lippe and Bart Stuart at Club Solo, and think together about agency and art.

Be welcome!

This event is part of the peripheral programme of SOLO 13 - JUST PRACTICE! An exhibition by artists' duo Klaar van der Lippe and Bart Stuart.





Sebastian Olma is professor of Autonomy at the Centre for Art, Design and Technology at Avans University for Applied Sciences.

Erik Hagoort teaches at the master fine art course of AKV|St. Joost and conducts a research of artistic agency, as part of the research group Autonomy in Art and Design of AKV|St. Joost.