Kick-off Trip to Cologne


Kick-off Trip to Cologne

Each year, all students kick-off the year with a short, two day trip abroad. The trip is organized to welcome the fresh first year students, get to know each other and share everyone’s adventures from last summer. The academy is very conveniently located in the South of the Netherlands near the German and the Belgium borders which makes the choice to visit our neighboring countries a logical one. Last year we went to the Belgium city of Ghent and this year we went to Germany’s fourth largest city, Cologne.

Cologne is best known for its large cathedral which households a beautiful abstract stained glass window by Gerhard Richter. The city is also the home of a few amazing prominent museums. The Museum Ludwig (museum for modern and contemporary art) and the MAKK (Museum for art and design) were both definite favorites during the trip. The beautiful weather and non-fixed schedule made the two-day trip a nice little getaway. Some students took the time to visit the forest just outside the city, others stayed in the city to see the sculpture park and some just enjoyed the generously poured pints of beer.

It was a nice trip to start off the new academic year!