On Migration - Researchlab MA Photography - EYE

On Migration - Research Lab MA Photography - EYE


28th of February 2017 | 16.15 - 17.15 | EYE, Filmmuseum

In contemporary times, the concept of migration is playing a very important role. It is one of the main subjects in international politics as well as in the Dutch elections in March 2017. This topic is also of great interest to the 1st year Master of Photography students of AKV|StJoost, partly because of the cultural diversity of the students and their temporary status as migrants in the Netherlands. Within the EYE Research Lab the students reflected on the theme of migration, and took their own perspective and methodology as points of departure. The students will show the proces they made within a broad spectrum of approaches and artistic modes. 
* Vivian Bax
* Aubane Berthommé
* Daleen Bloemers
* Daan Muller
* Eric Patel
* Marko Peck
* Rik Schutte
Noud Heerkens