Ada Favaron

1994, Italy

Graduated in Graphic Design in 2016

Education and Work Experience

Graphic designer and visual researcher from Italy, now based in the Netherlands. After a BA degree in Communication Design (Politecnico di Milano) I decided to attend the MA course in Graphic Design at AKV|St.Joost. My work has appeared in Eindhoven – during the Dutch Design Week –, at Fahrenheit 39 – an art book fair in Ravenna –, and in late 2017 I had my first solo screening at ZK/U (Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik) in Berlin as a conclusion to a 2 months residency.

I would define my practice as a cross-disciplinary process involving art, design, film and journalism with a focus on authenticity, humour and documentary methodologies. My last self-initiated projects deal with the sociological impact of the gabber scene in Europe and the current gentrification discourse in Berlin. 

Research Question

Reflect on the role graphic designers play within a urban society, today: push beyond the boundaries of traditional design practice and develop it as a field of energetic, critical, witty and radical research outside the established domains of academia and the encoded dynamics of such field. Pursuing collaborative cross-disciplinary strategies, new methodologies and experimental attitudes. How can designers be of any help to the community they belong to? What are the boundaries between art and design, if there are any, and how urgent is to make such distinction? Can graphic design be used as a documentary tool?