Alina Milkina

1996, Ukraine

Graduated in Animation in 2019

Study and work experience

After leaving the faculty of economic sciences in Ukraine, at the age of 18 I came to
Groningen to study illustration and animation in Minerva Art academy. I was specialized
in printing techniques such as lino cutting and monotype printing. But also tried
animating for the first time with an old light table. I graduated in 2019 and entered the
Master of Animation program in AKV St Joost academy.  
By the start of that program I did animation only for two years and my only work
experience was during two internships. One with a dutch animator, drawing frames in
between, but also working on my first personal short movie
And the second internship was in a french art studio, where I worked with
children on stop motion animations.
In my graduation project I finally did one year hardcore frame by frame
animating which led me to where I am now.
Website: https://alinamilkina.carbonmade.com

Research question

I like the consept of storytelling which defines both my animations and illustrations. I
have a goal of creating an atmospheric worlds, in which everyone finds something
familiar, some nostalgie about past: meeting someone, loosing something, a smell, a
flash, a sound.
We consist of our memories, but sometimes we forget to remember. With my stories I
want to remind people about all the memorable moments of their lives.