Daniele Marx

1975, Germany

Graduated in Fine Art in 2010

Education and Work Experience

Daniele Marx is visual artist, architect, researcher and work nowadays for entertainment industry. Her work engages time based practices mainly in the following areas: conceptual art, socially engaged practices and collaborative projects. This practices is presented from various media (events, publications, videos, drawings, installations, others). She holds an Master of Fine Art from 2008-2010. Since 2003 she cooperates with the Fine Art, UFRGS extension project Lost in the Space – Ways of Thinking the Sculpture coordinated by Dr. Maria Ivone dos Santos and developed the Project Meio, co-authored with the artist Marcos Sari both in Porto Alegre, Brazil. After graduating from the Master she organized with Erik Hagoort the “Brazilian Encounter” as two days masters class. In 2012 she holds a residency project at Capacete, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Recently in 2016 she returned to AKV St Joost participating in the research group from Erik Hagoort on the project Using Usership.

Research Question

A labor through the intangible investigates the possibilities of artistic operations involved in the intangible or ‘alive’ work based on the relationship between art and life; at its core of inspection is a set of propositions made between 2004 and 2010. These proposals consist of a variety of activities undertaken during the period the artist lived outside of Brazil, including: residences, exhibitions and collective activities.The core objective of this research is to examine the various ways to position and operate as an artist from different contexts; the main focus is on the possibility to relate the art practice to a plurality of external activities combined with the subjectivity that permeates the everyday life beyond the production of ‘objects’. Besides the artistic operations this research was also based on Michel de Certeau theories of the Practice of Everyday Life. Nowadays I organize part of this work and research blogging Making do Ways to operate and do Things: