Ektor Ntourakos


Graduated in Fine Art in 2016

Education and Work Experience

2010 – 2015:   Athens School of Fine Arts 
January ¬– March 2014:  Art Teaching Assistant for grades 7 – 10.


Research Question

I witness the conditions through which contemporary urban societies are formed, based on consumerism, advertising, endless information, politics and finance. Observation and research give insight into the realization of spontaneous systems and networks created in cities, such as financial and commercial exchange, travelling communities and gentrification, along with other socio-political paths. 
An attempt to retrieve the public space.
Interventions in the public space, where the conditions of the (im)possibility of society exist as the various at¬tempts nevertheless to construct society partially. 
The main purpose of such interventions in the urban landscape is to promote, through their ephemeral context, communication/cooperation between citizens that leads to a reconsideration of the definition of public space. Materials that are common in city life, such as posters and flyers with an advertising and political context, will be used as a source for events in the city streets.
Advertising and information in the urban environment encroach upon public space and trespass private space.
Relocations of certain urban elements and characteristics, the artistic removal of a specific condition of interest and its placement in a completely different environment, preferably of an opposing character.
Through the metaphors of this choice and the juxtapositions of places with opposing urban characters, the apparent conflict and contradiction will ultimately initiate a renegotiation of the public space. The aim is to highlight the argument that we should—especially if we want to understand the public sphere politi¬cally—radically redefine the interpretation we attach to public space. The public is not a place with the natural sense—not even a space with an institutional sense