Feng Dai

1989, China

Graduated in Graphic Design in 2015

Education and Work Experience

September 2011: graduated from Jiangnan University with a Bachelor of Arts. Major: Art and Design, Visual Communication, School of Design
April – August 2011: internship at The One (CHN) 
September 2015 – present: AKV|St.Joost Master of Graphic Design
July 2016  – present:  internship at JURIXU-GBR (DEU)

Research question 

As a freelance designer or a member of the company's design team, what is the difference between their working significant points? “You design it for what?” Graphic designers want audiences to think through visualize the social issue or just for selling.

Regarding the self-positioning of design graduates, it is not surprising that a person who has received years of training in design takes functionality as the starting point of his or her ‘research’.  What about commercial work? How to meet the people's consumption demand, meanwhile get merchandise selling?

Each country has their preferences for design. What is bad taste? Is there any accepted standard for it?