Photo by Joachim Hildebrand

Juliane Herrmann

1989, Germany

Graduated in Photography in 2014

Education and Work Experience

Juliane Herrmann (*1989) is a documentary photographer and filmmaker. Currently she lives and works in Cologne, Germany.  
From 2008 to 2012 she studied a Bachelor in photography in Dortmund, Germany. In 2014 she graduated with a Master in Documentary Photography at St. Joost Art Academy.  
In 2014 Juliane got a scholarship by „DAAD“ (German Academic Exchange Service) and won the 1st prize at “Deutscher Jugendfotopreis” with “Man among Men”. This long term project she started during the Master program at St. Joost. In summer 2017 she will finish “Man among Men” by publishing a photo book.  Juliane´s works were exhibited in various group exhibitions and have been published internationally. 


I´m a socially engaged documentary maker and the camera is my tool to express my ideas. Depending on the theme, I make still or moving images. I consider my work to be slow journalism.  
Within my research I explore cultural identities and individuality. My starting point is curiosity and the wish to understand others. Inspired by new ways in visual anthropology I try to come closer to a truthful image of my subject.  
When I grew up in former East Germany and later studied in the western part of Germany and explored the Netherlands, I became aware and intrigued by all kind of prejudices. Hence, in my work I search for ways to go behind and beyond these prejudices.  
I have a fascination for social phenomena characterized by the preservation and maintenance of ideals and traditions, and for their persistence in modern times. Much of my work focuses on the intriguing microcosm of closed communities and their relevance in current world.