Lisan Peters

1991, The Netherlands

Graduated in Animation in 2014

Education and Work Experience

I started my passion long before I knew it. During kindergarten I was already telling stories using nothing but crayons. That’s where my strength lies; communicating messages by telling stories. 
I studied Communication & Multimedia Design, in which I followed the path of animation. This is my true passion, I think animation is a beautiful way to express stories. With animation there are only the limits of your imagination, so everything is possible. After I graduated this bachelor, I've started my own animation studio called Studio Flix.
When I start a project I always work from the message that an organization or event wants to translate. The message is always my starting point. I use brainstorm sessions to come up with the right concept. Then I draw a storyboard in which the concept is presented shot for shot. To find the right style I make different creative moodboards from which the client can choose. With the right style I design the animation and of course animate the designs into a final product.

To gain more experience in the field of animation I decided to follow the Master of Animation at AKV St. Joost, where I met some great people and learned to animate outside the commercial world. Because though I love working for a client, creating your own story is just as exciting!