Loek Vugs

1993, The Netherlands

Graduated in Animation in 2013

Education and Work Experience 

In 2011 I began my education in Communication and Multimedia Design. This is a very broad education with a lot of different disciplines. My preference in these disciplines was design so I focussed as much as I could on this aspect.

The experience I have in animation is for the most part self-taught. This was more of a hobby I practiced outside of my education. During the last two years of my Communication and Multimedia Design course, I kept a blog where I posted short animated gifs regularly. Due to this blog I had the opportunity to create several gifs for Samsung’s ‘Connected Series’. In addition to that I made an animated video clip for Mr. Oizo. I wasn’t commissioned for this; it was completely voluntary.

After my education I worked as a designer in an advertising agency for half a year. I recently registered myself at the KvK (Dutch Chamber of Commerce) because I want to work as a freelance designer and animator.

Research Question

There are several things I would like to learn at the Master of Animation, but I can’t limit myself to one research question just yet. 

I would like to develop my skills in animation and design further. In addition to this I want to make myself known, and I want to build up a better network of connections. I would also like to work on bigger projects while still maintaining a good overview. Both on my own as as a team, I want to gain more experience in larger projects.

Right now I have two ideas for a project in the second semester of the master’s programme:

  1. I’m often inspired by video games, especially when they do something new and experimental. I think it would be great to collaborate on a small game project where I can work on design, animation and narrative.
  2. Another option is to create a short animated film on my own. I like to spread ideas about my view of the future and the things that bother me. I’m not quite sure, but chances are that I’m going to do something with this in an animated short.