Lou Muuse

1992, The Netherlands

Graduated in Photography in 2015

Education and Work Experience

In 2015 I graduated in as a Photographer from the Willem de Kooning Academie. I graduated within the Social practice with Cultural Diversity as a minor, this already positioned me as an photographer. I gained experience during my internship of Hollandse Hoogte where I was located at the newsdesk. Next to my study I work as an freelance photographer and give lectures about the  context and process of my work. 

I graduated with a project about the Dutch asylum seekers procedure that I visualised in an interactive website. This was one of the main reasons to directly continue to the master in Breda. I wanted to research how I could develop multimedia and interactivity extensively because I had the feeling that I just got started. 

Research Question

During my MA in Photography i’m researching how I could engage the viewer with a multimedia and interactive way of storytelling. These days we see so much stereotypical images around us that it is sometimes hard to empathise with different cultures than own. Some people base their opinions towards their prejudice. These stems form ignorance and a fear of the unknown. I would decrease these distances to providing the missing knowledge. “