Louis Hector

1992, The Netherlands

Graduated in Animation in 2015

Education and Work Experience

After I graduated from my Bachelor Illustration at AKV St Joost, my research only scratched the surface of the direction I wanted to specialise. Within this research I discussed the digitalisation of design towards apps next to other interactive media. I decided to dig deeper into this subject by following a Master of Animation. To hone my skills for a further professional specialisation.
My current projects as a freelance animator include the production of two dimensional promotion animations, historic storytelling and app design. 

Research Question

I get my inspiration from the development of new technologies and media. I enjoy seeing my work achieved purposes within our society as education, interaction and entertainment.
The goal of my research was to acquire more knowledge on digital media technology, specifically used for education, to generate a keen eye on value, purpose and well-considered use.
This way I want to ensure quality concepts for all of my future projects.