Ming Shi

1981, China

Graduated in Graphic Design in 2015

Education and Work Experience

I am a passionate and curious designer from China, with an interest in Conditional design, Responsive design in digital publishing and Digital typography. In 2015 I received my Master of Graphic Design from AKV|St.Joost. My design experience includes works which focus on branding, visual language experiments, colour theory, and editorial design. I like to use an interdisciplinary approach to inform my design practice. The world in my eye is a process of evolution and self organisation, context and interaction. I see myself as a supporter/collaborator in this system.


Research Question

In design practice, I am aware that providing one solution for one specific demand is not sufficient for contemporary needs. These kind of liquid, dynamic and constantly changing conditions require that designers give a sustainable and open-ended solution, yet still keep an overall coherency. The question of how design adapts to this openness and unpredictability attracts me a lot. For example, in traditional graphic design practice, the stamp, book, poster, and banner is defined by the size of printing mediums, and communication at a readable distance. But this boundary has disappeared with digital mediums. How visual elements react and organise when presented in different sizes and ratios is complex, and requires integration from many perspectives. Every level is locked together, and functions as an organic system. I would like to dedicate my knowledge and passion to this new field, to solve such “Organic” tasks, to analyse and set the rule for Responsive design, and User experience design on digital mediums.

My master thesis was focused on researching these tasks, and implementing them in a Relational Design Webpage as my graduation project. I was exploring principle that can let a design adapt to a changing environment