Oana Clitan

1989, Romania

Graduated in Graphic Design in 2014

Education and Work Experience

Oana is a conceptual designer tackling themes like kitsch and language through collages, drawings and other various mediums, and she is currently based in Rotterdam.

Her main focus is the way language is used in particular contexts and how it can be interpreted, and she currently researches this through expressive typography or the combination of letters and images. In her work she uses mostly kitsch and pop imagery and recontextualises them in order to offer a new perspective on contemporary visual culture. She works on a broad range of projects, such as editorial or commercial illustrations and lettering, visual identities, poster design and various self-initiated projects. In 2017 she is working towards a solo exhibition in Romania on a research about how the Ikea catalog presents the contemporary home.

Beside her own design projects, she is also one of the founding members of the Wecup collective and co-organizer at Conversas Rotterdam.