Peng Zhang

1990, China

Graduated in Fine Art in 2016

Education and Work Experience

Having studied comprehensive painting in China Academy of Art,Hang Zhou,China, in both the bachelor and master programs from 2008 to 2015, Peng is currently enrolled as a master’s candidate at AKV St Joost, Den Bosch, the Netherlands.

During my studies in China, my focus was on learning painting techniques, and my research into Chinese landscape paintings began, growing into my current research on how contemporary methods hold the potential to transform the relationships of natural elements within the paintings themselves.

Exhibitions of note are; “ The way of painting”—Comprehensive painting exhibition ,China Academy of Art,2012; as well as The Thirteenth Art Exhibition “ Tong Xin Su Xing” in Zhejiang Pro.,the work “RECONSTRUCTING” , where I was awarded the honourable mention prize ,2014. The most current exhibition of note was The Chinese Fifth Youth Art Exhibition ,Shanghai,  where I produced the work “ Shanshui.Elegance” ,which won the honourable mention prize, 2015 (group)

In 2016, I was accepted into the master’s program in AKV/St-Joost, and came to Holland in August of last year. My research into tradition within the contemporary continues, particularly in the context of globalization. 


Research Question

Chinese traditional culture has gotten lost. Now more than ever, it is  very important to know how to recognize and renew culture. My focus is on Chinese culture, my lineage and traditions. We need to rethink what traditional painting means in 2017, and what our past means. I explore this by trying to build a bridge between the traditional and modernity, my past and now, China and the West. As a catalyst, I’ve chosen “water” and childhood games as symbols for the production of art works. By using commercial materials and selecting games which I played long ago, I’m representing my childhood and my roots as an individual, but more as a citizen.