Raphael Toth


Graduated in Animation in 2015

Education and Work Experience

I am a Brazilian animator with a lot of experience in motion graphics and broadcast. Before coming to the Netherlands I worked for a very large Brazilian TV channel called TV Globo. Although I normally use digital techniques for my animations, I wish to explore and further develop my 2D traditional animation skills.

My passions are animation, music, film and storytelling. Because political and social issues are very relevant to me, I try to address them in my own work whenever possible.

Because of ‘always-on’ technologies like the smartphone, today our attention span is very short. Everyone is doing a lot of things and nothing at the same time, and that is causing our society to behave differently than the previous generation. This digital environment that is making our brains mix the real with the virtual inspired me to create UNLINK, my graduation project.


Research Question

How can animation be used to discuss smartphone addiction and reflect on our place in this ultra-connected reality?