Salvis Slavišens


Graduated in Visual Arts in 2019

Study and work experience

Bachelor(HBO) graduate of AKV|St.Joost Breda.
Volunteer at V2(Rotterdam), Club Solo(Breda), Playgrounds Festival.
Currently working with Club Solo(Breda), organizing Rijksacademie lecture, etc.
Creative collaboration with Rikki Swart.(www.rikkisalvis.ga)
Visual adviser for latvian artist, event organizer, and local family support hand-craft
studio “ĢARŠ”.

Research question

I am a Latvian Artist interested in social art as fascination, with goal to engage
with society. People seem to forget what socializing is, I mean, how do you see yourself
socializing? Is it talking together? Is it doing things together? Co-creating or co-
We can learn kinesthetically and we can learn how to use this tool more
effectively. I have created social art games, where collaboration and self improvement
becomes very important elements. I want to create effective educational workshops,
where digital and analog becomes coherent elements for our learning and development.
In my personal practise I debate between time and possibility to create art.
When I get a possibility to spend on art, I do it. I use all time I can afford to create. My
time is limited, I have to expect that my time can clock-out at any moment, at that
moment I cannot create anymore. Tools and systems in combination with modelling,
and systematization help me to gain more time to create art. With my own systems,
programs and mind maps I can achieve illusion of freedom in my artworld.