Sara Bagheri

1991, Iran

Graduated in Graphic Design in 2015

Education and Work Experience

"I always let my inner wild child walk around on innocent white papers in order to surprise myself with unexpected ideas! 
In recent past, I have worked as an illustrator in a children’s magazine. As a graphic designer in 2014 and 2015 I worked with Bu-Ali Sina University publication center.
I have been studying in one of the high schools administrated by National Organization for Developing Exceptional Talents (NODET). I was very passionate about mathematics and physics but nothing could ever surpass my enthusiasm for Art. Therefore, after obtaining a diploma in mathematics and physics in 2009, I received a Bachelor with honors in graphic design in 2014 from Bu-Ali Sina University, Iran. Apart from improving my knowledge and skills on graphic design, I also focused on illustration as a way to express my ideas and had a strong desire to use illustration to depict social evils from a new perspective. I also explored the differences between narrative and descriptive writing in literary schools, the link between form and content and their effects on illustrating diverse stories."


Research Question

"How sound can generate movements and how sound can be related to graphic design"