Sheng-Wen LO


Graduated in Photography in 2016

Education and Work Experience

2017  MA Photography, AKV|St.Joost
2012  MSc, Computer Music / Computer Science, GIEE, National Taiwan University
2016  Certificate, ‘Animal Behaviour and Welfare’, The University of Edinburgh 
Artist – shengwenlo.com
Creative Director – Lightbox 攝影圖書室, Taipei (Contemporary Photography Library)
Co-founder – Avocado, Taipei (Fine Art Digital Printmaking Studio)
Commissioned project maker – National Geographic


Research Question

I am interested in human-animal relationships. My work and process engage the underlying issues of these relationships, digest their status and attempt to raise awareness. 

As an artist I specialise in lens-based media and sound, but I tend not to limit myself with respect to medium. With a background in science, I believe that art can have scientific value, and that scientific studies can be artistic as well.To me, art may not be able to solve contemporary issues. The power of art lies within its unique qualities, which allow us to contemplate things longer, and help us ask beneficial questions.