Stefan Christian Hoja

1986, Germany

Graduated in Graphic Design in 2016

Education and Work Experience

I worked for two years as a graphic designer in a studio in Berlin before I started to do my Master’s degree in Breda. I received my Bachelor’s degree in communication design at the HTW Berlin. Besides my studies I worked as a freelancer for projects in graphic and web design and also as a photographer. For an internship in the course of my studies I moved to the Netherlands to work for the interior design studio Opera Amsterdam.


Research Question

Years ago before the Internet age started, people mostly informed themselves with the help of print media, television and radio. Today more and more people are consuming news by using new media. The role of the authors in terms of making the news has also been changed. In former times, mainly journalists have published news. Today almost every person can publish news online. No matter if the content is true or not.
News are updated every second and we consumers become flooded by them. In addition, many topics become too complex and non-transparent and more and more people are getting the impression that they no longer have time to follow the news.
What are the possibilities to make news and all the complex subjects included more comprehensible? Which formats can be used to give a broad mass the opportunity to understand complex topics in a better and faster way?