Tess Martin

1984, USA

Graduated in Animation in 2013

Education and Work Experience

Tess Martin is an independent animator who works with cut-outs, ink, paint, sand or objects. Her most recent award-winning film is ‘The Lost Mariner’, an animated interpretation of an Oliver Sacks case study, and her short film ‘Ginevra’, based on a Percy Shelley poem, will be in festivals in 2017. Her films have displayed at galleries and festivals worldwide. In addition to her personal and commissioned work, Tess is also passionate about animation community. She has run and moderated the monthly Manifest Animation Show & Tell events in Rotterdam since October 2014 and she is the director of Haptic Animation Amplifier, a non-profit that helps support & distribute animation from the Pacific Northwest of the USA. She also occasionally writes about the world of independent animation for Cartoon Brew and other sites or publications.