Tomasz Cwiertnia

Thomas Kuijpers

1985, The Netherlands

Graduated in Photography in 2011

Education and Work Experience

Thomas Kuijpers is a visual artist whose work explores the role of contemporary medianarratives within our perception of the actual world.
He is interested in the way a representation of a truth arises, and in the way in which this is communicated to us. The observable friction between this conveyed version of reality and the place it occupies in daily life is the most important starting point.
In order to take a stand in this matter, Kuijpers often follows (current) events or phenomena over a prolonged period of time. It often starts with a collection of information, wherein the examined subject is thoroughly decomposed. From here flows the departure point for the final work.
Frequently this work still contains direct visual references to the collected narrative, but more often a visual paradigm is build around the conclusions drawn from the collected material, in which Kuijpers reacts to this conclusion through different experiments.
The approach is different each time, but always critical, challenging the viewer to review in which way our mediated reality has settled in our brain.
photo by: Tomasz Cwiertnia ‚Äč