Weiran HAN

1991, China

Graduated in Graphic Design in 2015

Education and Work Experience

2010 –2014: BA Graphic Design, China Academy of Art; Hangzhou, China
2014 –2015: ZhiGui Studio, China, Designer; Luoyang, China
2015 –present: AKV|St.Joost, MA Graphic Design; Breda, the Netherlands


Research Question

- Appearance and production  
- Visualization and data


After my previous education in China, I thought that a great designer was someone who could make a common thing unique and attractive through his or her special design language. But now, something has totally changed. I’m starting to explore more the reality under the covering of format and surface. I know they don’t look cool sometimes, but there is no doubt that these things are touchable and real and will guide me to a broader career in my field.


I’m in a special phase in which I’m trying to build up my own thinking system in a proper way, which is the key to solving all questions in the future. If I had to pinpoint the direction I’m going in, it would be a little bit hard. I’m trying to observe my daily life, in which amazing things happen.