Yentl van der Voort

1993, The Netherlands

Graduated in Animation in 2017

Education and Work Experience

After finishing my Bachelor of Animation at AKV|St.Joost I decided to add one more year to my study by doing the Master of Animation. In this course I can develop my skills and broaden my knowledge of the animation industry by networking, researching and doing projects by myself and together with my peers as an inside studio. The last couple of years I have mainly focused on 3D animation and gained a lot of experience in different styles like photo-realism, cartoon, (full dome) film making and interactive work. This year I not only want to work with 3D tools and software, but I also want to start working with other techniques as well to get a better understanding of all the animation styles out there. Maybe one day I could fulfill the role as an art director within an animation studio or becoming a teacher and mentor to students who share the same love and passion for the craft of animation like I do. Either way, I'm already enjoying the prospects of my future within the animation industry.


Research Question

I want to focus on story telled based explanimations, animations in which I can learn my audience a thing or two about a (historical) subject by introducing them to characters, environments and events by visualizing stories.