Ami Tsang

1993, China

Enrolled in Fine Art in 2016

Education and Work Experience

(1 year exchange programme) Erasmus University Erasmus School of History,
Culture and Communication Sept 2012 - 2016 The Chinese University of Hong Kong Fine Arts (Year 4)

Hong Kong Arts Centre Project coordinator
Assistant :Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair and the NO WALLS EXPO,  Art Basel in Hong Kong,Poly Auction Hong Kong 2014,AM space gallery

Extra-Curricular Activities and Volunteering Involvements academic committee of CUHK Fine Art Department Club Held film screenings for academic discussion and leisure at the same time Supported other club members arranging internal functions Linked department and classmates by providing communicating channels

Language and Other Skills
Spoken and written Language: Native Cantonese, Proficient in English and Mandarin Chinese,beginner in Dutch Computer Skill: MS Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Photoshop, Cangjie input method Other skills : Experienced in holding photography workshops 

Research Question

My name is Ami Tsang, I come from Hong Kong , an Asian city which underwent Britain's handover of Hong Kong to China in 1997. Twenty years passed, majority of my generation’s ideas over the handover is :  they wish that never happened. This is the second time for me to be stay in this country. In the Netherlands. Dutch language and culture share no similarity with the Asian culture that I embedded in . I am still trying to understand this country by being a mayfly.  A mayfly cannot stay for a long term. A short life pan(staying) makes me eager to learn and try all the experiments I have in my mind when staying in this open-minded country. The master programme in AKV | St.Joost provides me such an environment. My projects always involve more than one participant. The initial ideas usually start from asking questions. From question to question, the answers lead me to the history weaved by all kinds of beings. Imagine how mankind dealt with specific situations and how the consequences influenced the manners of people related, always fascinate me.The outcomes often prove me that none can live on their own. And this correlation is now what we need to understand and engage in. The engagements present in community, organisations, institutions and even daily lives. My practises tend to realizing and visualising the mutual beneficial encounters by initiating long term projects. Initiated a number of activities at Mcdonalds, tempting to testify the definition of public and private space. Organised a number of food sharing platforms, trying to researching the importance of diaologues and shared experience. 
Here I am, continuing projects with tā (the other).