Carla Jimenez Perez

1997, Spain

Enrolled in Situated Design in 2019

Study and work experience

I have always been in love with any kind of art. I studied Audiovisual Communication,
specializing in Film Direction, while I worked on my own projects that were more
connected to photography and graphic design. I have been specially interested in
interactive design since my senior year in university. Currently, my work is based on
app and web design. I worked for 9 months as a user experience and user interface
specialized on mobile apps.

Research question

The topic I am interested in researching is the dissociation between technological and
human. Everything is designed. It can be more notorious, like extravagant chairs, or
less, like ceilings. When it comes to interactive interfaces, users tend to take the visual
language as “given” by a machine, but every button, every link, font, and all the visual
and interactive elements are, right now designed by a human and coded by a human.
Despite this, users only seem to notice the human trace when it comes to writing
mistakes, like typos or grammatical errors. I want to explore this matter from several
points of view, from visual language to the social and productive implications of this
dissociation between designer and product.