Kevin Rooi

1990, The Netherlands

Enrolled in Situated Design in 2019

Study and work experience

I am Kevin Rooi from the Carribbean, I am a student of SD Situated of Master Institude,
Freelance Visual Designer and part time working for Ngrane, Amsterdam Based UX and UI
Design Agency graduated Graphic Design and Illustration at Academy Minerva in Groningen
for my Bachelor. After my Bachelors I started freelancing to gaining experience of the
creative workfield, 2 year working with companies like Young Capital, BNO, Joe Public, Ngrane,
Scooperz, etc
During working with all this diffrent project I have got to know the diffrent creative cultures to
why I'm here to develop and try to challange of finding the real core of the truth.

This is my portfolio link:

Research question

"No should thing as a happy creative ending"
Companies have mentallity that the perfect designer is out there like a unicorn, thinking the
will find the perfect plus 1 of thier team like a fairy tale. But the reallity is when they find the
one they soon realize the person is not what they thought that after weeks of months thier
back to -1. Thier checklist are unreallistic like making a list for a computer and then they
deliver it but the problem is we are not ROBOTS, Were human!! we are not living fantasy
world but we make it so!! In our words they should stop looking as a robot of fantasy and
looking them as a poeple.