Leonardo Landoni

1996, Italy

Enrolled in Situated Design in 2019

Study and work experience

I Graduated in 2017 in BA Communication Design at Politecnico di Milano (Polytechnic
University of Milan) after a semester of study abroad in England. During 2018 I divided
my time between studio work in Milan as a designer and programmer in the field of web
design, professional courses and personal practice related to type and graphic design. In
2019 I decided to fully move into a more research related path abroad at AKV|St.Joost.

Research question

Working mainly as a practice-oriented designer I’m mostly interested in the cultural and
visual biases, reasons and assumptions that go into the processes of western designers
that confront issues like visual identity in a global interconnected world. In my personal
practice I try to push for an open and as unbiased as possible take on design against
culturally and visually elitist design choices.