Natalia Jimenez Osorio

1993, Colombia

Enrolled in Animation in 2019

Study and work experience

I am Natalia Jimenez O. from the warm city of Cali Colombia, I am a student in the Animation Master,
Freelance Visual Designer and Children books Illustrator. Graduated from Visual Communication
design on 2019 at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Cali. After my Bachelors I started freelancing to
gaining experience in the creative work field as an illustrator and editorial design. I have illustrated
several children’s book around the world with different editorial houses.
One of my desire is creating histories with movement and make it real for the audience. Illustration is
a great tool for communicating thought in a single image, but animation is a way more powerful toll to
tell stories. So, during my work I discover this eager to form my self as a better storyteller and make
my tales move to communicate a feeling a thought a truth a story. This is the reason I’m here in AKV
St. Joost challenging myself into creating new worlds out of the unspoken.

Research question

“The Preservation of the Unspoken”
Some stories tell us or pass, others tell us our present and future. Each story form part of the
immaterial cultural heritage of the people. This are commonly knowns as legends, myths and oral
traditions, they have existed since the beginning of the man’s kind. They form part of the immaterial
cultural heritage of the people who tell them. Grandpas often past them told from one generation to
another by word of mouth. Versions of these tales are infinite as they are generally not written, taking
new details with each telling. They both teach and entertain. Sadly, these moments occur less and
less, young stop listening to the elders. How we can bring this heritage and tell the unspoken for
them. How we can preserve this knowledge transforming this ancient knowledge in something modern
yet enriched by their fantasy.
I want to focus on storytelling, character design, world building and 2D animation with allows me to
bring this almost lost stories into the picture for generations.