Alienation - Caspar Commijs & Kevin Da Costa Silva


Enrolled in Animation in 2021

Zahra lives in the resource-depleted future in the last surviving human community, that is being kept from extinction by aliens. She discovers a group of freedom fighters that believe the aliens are a hoax designed by the government to keep the people under control. Against her mother's will, Zahra joins them on a mission that has irreversible consequences for the future of the human race.

About Caspar Commijs and Kevin Da Costa Silva

Kevin and Caspar joined forces to work on Alienation, each bringing a different skill set. Passionate and inventive, Kevin is a versatile illustrator and animator who works lightning-fast while maintaining a strong eye for detail. Having dreamt about making a science fiction film for many years, Caspar sets the bar high as an energetic and ambitious writer and director. They chose the rotoscope technique to apply Kevin's designs and style to live-action reference footage, combining their qualities into this short animated science fiction epic.