NOX - Clara Dessainte


Enrolled in Animation in 2021

NOX is an animated short film for children. The story is about Alix, a little girl who is scared of the dark. One day, while playing hide and seek in the forest, she finds the perfect hideout and falls asleep in it. But when she wakes up, oh no! It’s all dark outside! In order to find her way home, she will need to go past her fears and discover the night through the eyes of Nox, a fox.

About Clara Dessainte

I am a visual storyteller whose expertise lies in 2D hand-drawn animation, character design, background design and storyboard. Growing up surrounded by the world of theatre, I love to bring life to characters and magic to stories.You will often find me drawing with music in the ears, while sipping on a cup of tea.

Instagram: @c_dessart

Website: https://claradess.myportfolio.com/

Email: cdessa@gmx.fr