Dr. Alison Sperling

0, USA

Started teaching in Ecology Futures in 2020

Alison Sperling

Alison Sperling is the theory tutor of Ecology Futures. Sperling is originally from Oakland, California, and is currently an IPODI International Postdoctoral Fellow at the Technische Universit├Ąt Berlin in Women's and Gender Studies, and an Affiliate Research Fellow at the ICI Institute for Cultural  Inquiry Berlin. Her research interests are varied and include queer and feminist theory, the Anthropocene, toxicity studies, science fiction, the weird, and contemporary ecological art. Sperling holds a Ph.D. in Literature and Cultural Theory, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.


Specializations: Queer and Feminist Theory, 20th and 21st c. Weird and Science Fictions, and the Anthropocene.