Dr. AnnaMaria Pinaka

1983, Greece

Started teaching in Visual Arts in 2019

Dr. AnnaMaria Pinaka

AnnaMaria Pinaka is a practicing artist, working on video, live performance, drawing, painting and writing. She has exhibited, screened and performed her work widely, most recently at the 6th Athens Biennale. Focus of her work is the use of life material in art and the relationship between sex, sexuality and image making. Using the self as a source of performance, she creates a visual language that borrows from the rhetorics of pornography, but which relates also to the domestic realm, the mundane, banal and lived ordinary. From 2010 to 2017 she undertook her practice-led PhD, Porno-graphing: ‘dirty’ subjectivities & self-objectification in contemporary lens-based art, in Roehampton University, London, UK. She teaches on subjects such as queer theory, gender studies, feminism and film analysis, identity politics and visual culture. 


Website: annamariapinaka.com