Annejes van Liempd

0, The Netherlands

Started teaching in Animation in 2021

Annejes van Liempd

Annejes van Liempd is a tutor, teaching the Professional Practice module for the Master of Animation. 

"I took several side roads, before I found my career.
The Rietveld Academie taugh me to understand concepts and how to structure intuitive storytelling in images.
Working as a photographer, I made long walks, looking and waiting, feeling and zooming in on
detail in people and things. I found stories at the side of the road, in the metro, in back alleys and beauty in plastic chairs.
Working in film production taught me how I prefer to work with the energy and genius of a team, how we create together. I am a real packer.
At The Panics, where I produced hybrid productions for 14 years, I learned how VFX, 2/3D Animation and Motion Design, integrate with Live Action, into visual and emotional stories.
When I realised stories are a big part of me, I learned how to write my own stories at The Joepie Academie and even better; I learned
how I can help other people to get their stories on paper. Writing is seeing and feeling, just like I did as a photographer.
Now I am a happy camper as a freelance creative producer, working with several directors and companies, sharing a similar spirit.

For the Professional Practice Module, I combine my production skills and storytelling training hoping to help, all these talented students to find their own road."