Emma Luijtens

0, The Netherlands

Started teaching in Ecology Futures in 2019

Emma's ambition is to develop designs that are created by multidisciplinary teams and inspired by nature, resulting in innovative products and processes, growing towards sustainability and creating opportunities for communities through social innovation. Emma holds an MSc in Bio-inspired Innovation from the University of Utrecht, and is currently an R%D researcher at the start-up Mylium, a company that creates vegan, bio-based and biodegradable leather which is produced in a circular economy way.


With Ecology Futures, Emma co-leads two Biodesign modules in the [MI} Lab, and supports lab-based artistic practices coaching students from idea to reality. With her background in both design and science, Emma understands how to build bridges in concept and practice, and educates students on biotechnological methods, including their pitfalls and potentials.