Noud Heerkens

1954, The Netherlands

Started teaching in Photography in 2010

Education and Work Experience

Noud Heerkens is an independent filmmaker, teacher and occasional curator and producer. Heerkens originally studied architecture at the Delft University of Technology, but since 1978 he has concentrated on making films and installations. He has participated in workshops at EAVE and the Binger Institute. In his film projects he investigates the limits of the film medium and the crossover between film and other disciplines. 

One of the themes in Heerkens’s work is the solitude of postmodern man. This does not imply an unambiguous filmic approach. Rather, he defines the world from multiple perspectives, roles and diverse experiences. In fact, Heerkens himself as a maker is a carrier for a series of approaches and experiences, and only the whole of his work reflects his view of the world. 
Heerkens has received international recognition for his films Re-action in A (1979), Man in Motion (1985), Privat Story (2000) and Last Conversation (2009). The feature film Last Conversation, starring Johanna ter Steege, received a Special Jury Award from the Transilvania International Film Festival. In 2012 Heerkens and senior dancer and choreographer Ton Lutgerink made their third dance-fiction film, NOL KING RUTER. 
From 1997 to 2007 Heerkens was the director of the Global Attic Film and Video Festival in Rotterdam, and thereafter Cineboards, a festival of video projections in public space. As director of the Picos de Europa Foundation he produced short artfilms like Equestrian (Michiel van Bakel, 2003) and De Tijd (Bart Vegter, 2008). Heerkens has taught at several Dutch art academies. He is currently a tutor in the Bachelor’s film department and the Master’s photography department at AKV|St.Joost in Breda.

Heerkens’s films and installations have been shown on various national and international platforms. Most of his films are part of the collection of the Dutch Film Museum, EYE. These works belong to different genres: experimental cinema, the dance film and the road movie.