Noud Heerkens

1954, The Netherlands

Started teaching in Visual Arts in 2010


Noud Heerkens is an independent filmmaker, teacher, producer and sometimes curator. Since 1978, after briefly studying architecture at TU Delft, Heerkens has concentrated on filmmaking and installation practices, having followed workshops at EAVE and the Binger Institute. He investigates the limits of film as a medium, as well as the cross-overs between film and other disciplines. From 1997 until 2007 Heerkens was director of the ‘Global Attic Film- and video Festival’ in Rotterdam and successively ‘Cineboards’, a festival of videoprojections in public space. As director of the Picos de Europa Foundation he produced short art-films like ‘Equestrian’ (Michiel van Bakel, 2003) and ‘De Tijd’ (Bart Vegter, 2008).

Noud Heerkens leads the interdisciplinary module Still Moving & Script Lab, which is an introduction to the wide domain of moving image with a focus on script, shooting, editing and presentation.


Since 2008 he is a practice tutor at the Master Institute of Visual Cultures specialising in film.

Since 2016, Heerkens has been a researcher at Caradt, and has been developing the dance film project ‘An Invitation to DANCE’ that negotiates the relationship between the cinematic experience of dance and the ‘embodiment’ of the spectator
Exhibitions & Bibliography 

Noud Heerkens has received international recognition for, among others, his films 'Re-action in A' (1979), ‘Man in Motion’ (1985), ‘Private Story’ (2000), ‘Last Conversation’ (2009) and NOL KING RUTER (2012). The feature film ‘Last Conversation’, starring Johanna ter Steege, received a special jury award of the Transsylvania International Film Festival. In March 2018, the installation and short film ‘An Invitation to DANCE’ premiered during the 15th International edition of CINEDANS at the EYE Filmmuseum. Currently, Heerkens is developing an international feature film ‘The Expectation’. The project is supported by the Dutch Film Fund.