Xandra van der Eijk

1985, The Netherlands

Started teaching in Ecology Futures in 2018


Xandra van der Eijk is a Dutch artist and designer connecting art, ecology, and activism. Van der Eijk has developed a distinct research methodology demonstrated in a broad body of work, incorporating theory, fieldwork, documentation methods, and material development in her practice. Through her research, she decentralizes the human perspective by re-interpreting a landscape through its materiality. Each of her projects deals with a key ecological issue, and how it is exposed by the passing of time.

Van der Eijk’s work has been nominated and awarded multiple times and is extensively exhibited throughout the world. Her work extends through lectures, workshops, writings, and curating. She is an active member of design collective Dutch Invertuals, co-founding Dutch Invertuals Academy in 2020. Since 2019 she is co-curating FIBER labs, week-long intensives for professionals in the arts and environmental humanities, directed at co-creating new narratives in times of ecological crisis.


Van der Eijk is developing and leading MA Ecology Futures at the Master Institute of Visual Cultures. She is a researcher in the affiliated Biobased Art & Design research group led by Dr. Elvin Karana at Avans' Centre of Applied Research for Art, Design and Technology. 



Currently, she is undertaking her Ph.D. at Ulster University in Northern Ireland at the Faculty of Art and the Faculty of Environmental Sciences with an International Award from the UK Department of Economics. She is an associated researcher at Critical Media Lab in Basel, co-leading the reading group "Planetary Ecologies".