Master Institute of Visual Cultures

Visual Culture is not just part of your everyday life, it is your everyday life.


  1. Provide a stimulating environment that will prepare students as professionals for a career in the top sector Creative Industries
  2. Strengthen further the culture of innovation and entrepreneurialism, with closer links to industry
  3. Offer a potent combination of master classes, workshops and lectures by leading internationally renowned creatives from the fields of animation, interactive and coded animation, illustration, graphic design and moving image 
  4. Provide students a 24/7 studio environment and industry standard production resources and creative technologies
  5. Offer a curriculum that grants students to explore diverse creative forms and develop individual and collaborative practice
  6. Widening participation and increased internationalization 

The programmes at the Master Institute of Visual Cultures are fully accredited by the Dutch higher education authorities and comply with European standards as set by the Bologna Agreement.