Ananya Panda wins EKP Excellence in Research Award 2021


The winner of the EKP Excellence in Research Award 2021 was announced on October 17 at the Dutch Design Week. From the hands of jury members Aric Chen (Het Nieuwe Instituut) and Saskia van Stein (International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam), Ananya Panda received the award which is sponsored by SDK Vastgoed. 

Ananya Panda is a 2021 graduate of the Situated Design course from the Master of Arts in Fine Art and Design from MIVC. Her graduation project 'Self-sufficient Nodes' is an investigation in which physical labor is processed into 'machine intelligence'. The video installation interweaves these two worlds through a database filled with screenshots, shared Google Docs, excel sheets, recordings digital and physical artifacts. Through the use of storytelling, Ananya produces fixed and moving images that are not addressed in the contemporary configuration of Platform Capitalism. Dr. Michelle Kazprak and Angelique Spaninks: "Ananya's work resonates with the beauty and horror of our contemporary digital lives."

Self-sufficient Nodes can be seen at Dutch Design Week (Klokgebouw hall 2) through October 24 and in the publication Be the future of something else' (available in the exhibition and online). 


The things that seem most obvious or obvious to people usually have enormous complexities and dynamics that are often hidden. For example, there are stories that are deliberately pushed in the media, so it's important to expose the reality of things, become aware of them and continue to evaluate ourselves - it acts as a mirror.

Ananya Panda,

About the EKP Excellence in Research Award

The EKP Excellence in Research Award is an annual prize of € 2,500 for the best graduation research within the Master Institute of Visual Cultures - St. Joost School of Art & Design, sponsored by SDK Vastgoed. The award recognizes the creative ability of students to transform new ideas into thought-provoking works and highlights the ability to innovate of artists and designers around the world.